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Please note: The parts listed on this page can be up to fifty years old. Consequently, some may need to be cleaned before use. All parts are unused and, where possible, supplied with their original packaging.

Champion Cox K & B Johnson Mabuchi Marusan Pactra Scalextric Tradeship VIP

Champion Motors
Champion Slot Car Motor ETX660
Champion FT-36D Motor
With long shaft
Sidewinder or Inline

Cox Motors
Cox Slot Car Motor ETX662
Cox 3,500 FT-36D style Motor
Can drive
More powerful than the standard FT-36D
Cox Slot Car Motor ETX659
Cox Mabuchi FT-36D Sidewinder Motor
With short shaft

K & B Motors
K & B Slot Car Motor ETX661
K & B Royal Bobcat FT-36D Motor
Endbell drive
Sidewinder or Inline

Johnson Motors
Johnson Slot Car Motor ETX667
Johnson 222 FT-16 style Motor
With endbell drive
These motors are a fantastic replacement for any Mabuchi FT-16 motored slot car - Scalextric, Russkit, Revell
Johnson Slot Car Motor ETX668
Johnson 111 Motor
With endbell drive
These motors were fitted to lots of the early 70s Scalextric cars and to some of the smaller Hornby locos.

Mabuchi Motors
Mabuchi Slot Car Motor ETX669
Mabuchi FT-13OU Can Drive Motor
With 8 tooth pinion
These motors were fitted to the Monogram Midget and to some of the Cox 1/32 scale slot cars.
Mabuchi Slot Car Motor DTX855
Mabuchi 16D Can with Ball Bearing

Marusan Motors
Marusan Slot Car Motor ETX664
Marusan - Atlas Motor
With pinion gear and rear axle supports

Pactra Motors
Pactra Slot Car Motor ETX663
Pactra FT-36D size Motor
With long shaft
Sidewinder or Inline

Scalextric Motors & Parts
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/118
Armature and Commutator FJ
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/238
Motor Unit with Gearbox Guard for C/76
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/544
Wiring Harness for C/74 and C/75
Set of 2
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/545
Wiring Harness for C/76

Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/647
Wiring Harness for C/87 to C/92 inclusive
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsW/706
Motor Retaining Screws for B/1
Pack of 12
Scalextric Vintage Slot Car PartsMabuchi FT16 Motors with gears and wires

$18.00 each

Tradeship Motors
Tradeship Slot Car Motor ETX665
Tradeship 5 Pole Motor
With 10 tooth pinion
Tradeship Slot Car Motor ETX666
Tradeship 5 Pole Motor
With 10 tooth pinion
With adjustable timing endbell

VIP Motors & Parts
VIP Vintage Slot Car PartsR90
Commutator Brushes
VIP Vintage Slot Car PartsRW56
Standard Armature

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